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0113 235 1139 hello@sourcebydesign.co.uk The Old Sorting Office, Torre Road, Leeds, LS9 7QL

Eclipsis Lighting

Eclipsis Feature Lighting

Eclipsis is a stunning and innovative lighting feature that is as versatile as it is attractive. Eclipsis comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, depths and with a range of different finishes making it something that is suited to almost any environment.

Eclipsis can help create a unique and eye-catching look for a variety of different working environments. First impressions count – and Eclipsis can ensure that your lighting sets the right tone and leaves a great first impression on your customers and clients every time.



Eclipsis Reverse changes our classic feature lighting but reversing which edge is illuminated and which is covered giving a halo illumination effect.


Eclipsis Squared changes the shape from a ring to a square or a rectangle. These can be produced with clean squared corners or with rounded corners as seen in the picture. 


Eclipsis light fittings are fully customisable, this ring has green acrylic to the inner edge which gives a stunning glow.


This ring is coated in padded leather which gives it a unique look. Of course, the outer and inner edges can be swapped out for different materials to suit your preference.

We don’t keep stock of Eclipsis light fittings – every single one is hand-made to order for a specific project. Due to this unique way of doing business we are perfectly set up for producing one-off bespoke feature lights that are completely unique and built to suit a particular project. This makes Eclipsis a very versatile fitting that can be used in many different environments.

Whether you require a light fitting that is four metres long or you require a fitting that is finished to match the upholstery in your offices, we can help. If you have an idea for stunning feature light, Source By Design can help you realise your plans and turn your ideas into a reality.

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