0113 235 1139 hello@sourcebydesign.co.uk The Old Sorting Office, Torre Road, Leeds, LS9 7QL
0113 235 1139 hello@sourcebydesign.co.uk The Old Sorting Office, Torre Road, Leeds, LS9 7QL

Bespoke Lighting

We Specialise in Creating
Bespoke Lighting

Eclipsis is our signature bespoke lighting product. We are proud that Eclipsis is so easily customisable and we can produce them in any size, shape and with a variety of finishes and LED colours.

However, we can go a lot further than just Eclipsis. We specialise in making one-off lighting products for clients and that can mean anything from the large atrium rings seen in Primark, right through to recessed LED lighting tracks that weave their way around office blocks and apartment lobbies. But whatever you need, or however grand your plans, we can make sure your ideas are turned into a stunning reality.

Customise Your Bespoke Lighting Feature

Bespoke Lighting examples


How big do you want it?

We realise is bigger doesn’t always mean better, but if you need to go large our largest fittings have been over four metres long!

LED Temperature

From 2700K to 6000K

From the cool white 6000K LEDs we use as standard to warm and soft 3000K LEDs we can ensure your light fitting is the right temperature.


Change the colour of the diffuser

You aren’t just limited to white! We can fit your light fitting with a coloured acrylic to match your brand guidelines. 


Circles? Squares? Triangles?

We’re not just limited to circles! Whether you want sharp angles or graceful curves we can fashion a light fitting to meet your needs. 

LED Colour

Colour changing or to match your brand

Whether you’re looking for a white LED or for the ability to change the colour of your fitting to suit the mood, we have got it covered.


Finish your fitting to suit your needs.

If our standard brushed stainless steel isn’t to your taste you can choose leather, anodised aluminium, fabric or anything you can imagine.

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Call us for a friendly chat and we will discuss your ideas and offer you professional advice based on our extensive experience. Call today on 0113 235 1139.

See a Sample

We can come to you!

If you or your client would like to see a sample of our lighting we are more than happy to come out with a full size example and perform a full demonstration.

Check out our Portfolio

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